Need a Timing Belt replacement?



Do i need a timing belt replacement? The simple answer is yes. Simply, Timing belts are used to synchronize the position of your engines camshaft position and crankshaft positions. If and when it breaks due to deteriorated rubber material or other causes like bad bearings on idler pulleys and water pumps...your engines timings is going to go out of sync and cause the engine to shut down and also causes the piston and valves to "hit" each other and cause catastrophic engine damage. There are non-interference engines where valves and piston do not hit each other in case of a broken timing belt.


When do i replace my timing belt? The simple answer? Check your owners manual. See i am all about simple answers. :) Typically, 60,000 miles or 100,000 miles are most common intervals. but vary from car to car, so check your owners manual or give Real Autohaus in Westmont a call if you want to know about timing belt replacement on your vehicle.

Timing chains, what is the difference? The difference is in the word and material. Belts are made of rubber (which has a service interval because it wears) Chains are made of steel (has no service interval) Timing chains do not require replacement as long as engine has been maintained properly. #1 cause of timing chain failures are due to lack of oil changes or use of wrong oil. Which then causes friction increase causing chain to strectch, guides to break. Which of course costs $$$$. Change your oil it will save you a bunch.


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