Porsche Cayenne Coolant Leak

Porsche, there is no substitute....until you start having issues with yours and you start to think maybe it needs a substitute after all. But don't trade your Porsche just yet. Like any other machine out there, it wears down over time and breaks. Once in awhile or more often than not needs servicing and replacing faulty parts, fluid, filters and gaskets.

This leads us to the most common cooling system issue your Porsche Cayenne may have, the infamous coolant leak. Usually starts off with a sweet smell, then burning smell and maybe smoke and the obvious puddle of pinky orange fluid underneath it all. CRAP! that's what usually comes out of my mouth. There are a couple of areas where the culprit lies. This is true for the v8 turbo and non turbos. Even though common, i would still recommend a coolant leak test to locate exact location of leak.

  • Thermostat housing & Thermostat & Gaskets
  • Water Pump bearing fail or play
  • Coolant Transfer Pipe failure

At our shop we must have done more Thermostat housing and gasket issues than anything else. Which is kind of a good news since the Coolant Transfer Pipe(CTP) requires Engine & Transmission assembly separation to access and replace CTP.

Couple of rules must be followed when performing a Thermostat Replacement

  • All rubber gasket must be replaced with new ones
  • Use of Factory approved Fluids only
  • Be Extremely Careful on removing hoses and pipes (they break easily)
  • Inspect water pump and replace if necessary (we recommend replacing since removal is required)

I would not recommend this a DIY if you have not taken on similar work in the past. This is not a DIY and merely its information is to shed light on this issue and give you an understanding of what is going on with your Porsche Cayenne. Below are some pics of the removal of thermostat.

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