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Have you ever had to stop suddenly and noticed your car was alarmingly slow to stop? Do you hear a high squeaking noise while pressing down the brake pedal? The brake’s hesitation to respond or the annoying screech is a testament to your vehicle’s need for a brake check. It is easy to forget how often our brakes are being used on a daily basis. You may even question, how much wear is safe for your family.

At Real Autohaus Automotive, we do a complimentary Courtesy Inspection every time you have your car in for service or repair. We will notify you if you need either new brake pads, rotors or other brake system repairs or maintenance. Every Courtesy Inspection involves expert, ASE certified technicians removing all four tires and wheels to inspect the brake pads and rotors for wear. No need for anxiety as we will not recommend a brake service or repair that is unnecessary.


Like every service at Real Autohaus Automotive, we go above and beyond to assure your safety. We know your loved ones accompany you while you travel, and we want to make sure your vehicle is ready to stop at a moment’s notice.

At Real Autoahus Automotive, we take pride in our integrity. We will never sell you only brake pads but we will also recommend the right components recommended by your auto manufacturer. Each vehicle varies where as the alloys used in brake pads and rotors are often very specific. Incorrect brake pads can mean significant damage to rotors and other vital parts. The expert technicians at Real Autohaus Automotive will check to make sure your vehicle only receives the brake pads and components that are specifically engineered for it.

Every brake job means resurfacing the rotors. The brake pads are just half of the relationship – without properly serviced rotors, your car will not stop as quickly as it should. Every rotor is resurfaced according to manufacturer specifications and lubricated properly to make sure the brake pads get the maximum durability.

Fluid is an often overlooked component of the brake system. Brake fluid is checked for quantity, but not usually checked for quality. Your brake fluid can become dirty and create problems when it is supposed to be flowing to the calipers to stop your car. Clean, new brake fluid can help extend the life of your entire brake system and save you money on costly brake repairs in the future.

If time is of the essence, do not worry, as we offer our free shuttle to take you home, work or to school when you drop your vehicle off for a brake service. Do not wait until it is too late to have your brakes checked. Call your local Real Autohaus Automotive shop today to schedule an appointment.

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