Frequently asked questions

When is my next oil change?

Your next oil service is indicated on the oil sticker top left of your windshield area. The Date and mileage printed is when its due for service. Before check out, our Service Advisor will Pre-Book your next appointment with us, so we can remind you the week before your service will be due.

*Actual mileage interval for oil services and other services are outlined in your owner's manual.

Can i bring my own parts for installation?

We do not install customer parts due to insurance and liability concerns.

Can I Bring my car over the weekend?

Yes, you can! We do accept drop offs over the weekend and we can start service on Monday morning.

We have a drop box on the front door. Park your car and Please leave your keys along with your information in the Drop box and we will contact you first thing monday morning

No Weekend Hours? How can you get my car there if im working on weekdays?

Although we are weekday only shop. we try to make it convenient for you to be able to bring your car in with us.

  • We provide a Shuttle (pick up and drop off service to your home, work, train station within 5 miles).
  • We provide free uber rides within 5 miles radius from the shop
  • We can connect you to Enterprice Rental Car with a discounted rate.

I am a very busy person, Can you text or email me as a way of contact?

The Answer is yes,

  • We can email or text to reach you
  • Provide digital inspection results with photos so you can review what your car needs!

Can i drop my car off at Night or Weekends?

Yes, we have a drop box by our front entrance. Drop your keys and email us or text us to let us know that you have dropped your car off and let us know what is your concern or instructions.

Do I need to set up an appointment to bring my car in?

Yes! it is best to call ahead and set up a time. it frees us up and create a smooth work flow.

If it is an emergency or yo are in a hurry. You can also drop off the vehicle without any appointment and we will do our best to start on your vehicle asap.

My Car wont start, What should i do?

First, If there is no electrical power. See if you can get a jump start. If you dont know how, call a tow service and they can perform a jumpstart service for you. If vehicle starts and stays running with out the jumper connected. It is possible you may need a battery replacement only.

If not, Contact us and arrange a pick up as soon as possible. We can then inspect your charging and electrical system for issues.

My Check engine light is on, what should i do?

Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

When the light comes on, one or more diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) are stored in the engine control module. These DTCs remain even if the light goes out. To address a Check Engine Light problem, the DTCs are retrieved and the appropriate troubleshooting information is followed in order to determine the problem.Every vehicle manufactured in the U.S. has to first pass an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) test called the Federal Test Procedure. This sets the acceptable limits of wear and/or failure for the emission control system—i.e., what conditions will ultimately cause a Check Engine Light to illuminate. These standards are closely regulated. If the emission control system is faulty and the vehicle is polluting the air, the Check Engine Light illuminates to alert the driver of this condition. (Note: A vehicle in this condition would fail an emissions inspection or smog check.)Don't confuse the Check Engine Light with the maintenance or service light. These lights illuminate when a routine service is due. They are usually triggered by mileage, gallons of gasoline consumed, or some other type of vehicle-use measurement.

The Four Most Common Check Engine Light Scenarios and What to Do

The Check Engine Light is blinking or flickers.
If the Check Engine Light comes on in the city but goes off on the freeway, then the fault is present during city driving conditions. Pay attention to whether or not the vehicle runs or drives any differently when the Check Engine Light illuminates. If vehicle performance does change, drive the car as little as possible and take it to be checked by a service professional as soon as possible. If there is no change in vehicle performance, you can drive home, but have it inspected as soon as possible. In this condition, you run a risk of the vehicle dying or not starting.

The Check Engine Light comes on and stays on.
If the Check Engine Light illuminates constantly during driving with no noticeable driving or performance problems, there is a permanent fault in the emission control system. When this happens, the computer that controls the emission system usually has a backup program that runs while the fault is present. (These backup programs are often referred to as "limp home" mode programs.) You should get the vehicle serviced as soon as possible, but in most cases, the vehicle will continue to operate, though you run a risk of it dying or not starting.

The Check Engine Light illuminates, stays on, and there are performance problems.
This means that a vital component of your emission control and engine management system has a serious problem. It usually involves a component or system needed for the vehicle to run at all. In most cases, drive the vehicle as little as possible. In many cases, the vehicle is not safe to drive at all—it could stop or stall out at any moment. It is best to pull over to a safe place and have the vehicle towed to an automotive diagnostician for a thorough inspection and repair.

The Check Engine Light light comes on and blinks in a steady pattern while driving.
Don't confuse this steady pulsing of the Check Engine Light light (usually one or more flashes per second) with a flicker (see above). The Check Engine Light may stay on steadily or it may flash when the vehicle is accelerated. This is very serious. There is a severe failure of the emission control system that is causing the engine to misfire to the point that the catalytic converter is damaged each time the Check Engine Light flashes. It may mean that the catalytic converter is overheating to the point that it will glow red or, in extreme cases, start a fire on the underside of the vehicle. Immediately pull over to a safe place and have your vehicle towed to an automotive diagnostician for repair. Vehicles can be severely damaged and even destroyed by fire if this condition is ignored for too long.

Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

The following are common causes of a check engine light. In order to identify your issue, please consider a RepairPal Certified shop or purchasing an ODB code reader to identify the issue yourself.

Issue and Possible Solution

Gas cap is loose Tighten the gas cap

Oxygen sensor (O2) may be bad Consider replacing the oxygen sensor

Spark plugs may need replacing Replace spark plugs

Spark plug wires may need replacing Consider replacing spark plug wires

Catalytic converter may be faulty Check to see if catalytic converter is faulty or missing

Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) is faulty Consider replacing your mass airflow sensor

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