Power Steering

When you turn the steering wheel, your car goes in that direction. Simple, right? Behind the scenes, your car’s power steering system is working hard so you don’t have to.

Your power steering system is powered by your power steering pump. It pressurizes power steering fluid that moves your steering system. Power steering pumps are generally driven by a belt that is powered by your car’s engine, but some are powered electronically. High pressure hoses move the fluid from the pump to the steering gear. This system depends on clean power steering fluid.

Real Autohaus Automotive checks your fluid on every visit as part of the complimentary Courtesy Inspection. Power steering fluid cools, cleans and provides lubrication for the many moving parts of the power steering system. Over time, heat and wear can lessen the effectiveness of the fluid.

Real Autohaus Automotive has expert, ASE-certified, power steering technicians who can provide a full power steering fluid flush to clean and protect your power steering pump, power steering hoses and steering system.

Real Autohauce uses only the highest quality power steering fluid and power steering system cleaners. When you come to Real Autohaus for a power steering fluid flush, your old fluid is evacuated. Next, the power steering system is cleaned with a detergent and conditioner, flushed and filled with new fluid based on manufacturer standards.

If your power steering system is starting to fail, there are some key warning signs to look for. Erratic steering assistance, loud whining noises when you turn, constantly low fluid or difficulty making a turn are signs of power steering system damage. Keeping your fluid checked and clean will help protect your power steering system from failure and costly repairs.

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